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My work explores many areas of the human condition. As a dream inspired artist I see myself as a facilitator and recorder of subconscious imagery that emerges surprisingly and without warning. These images have taken me to psychological, emotional, cultural and historical arenas.

Personal events have contributed to the emergence and development of many of my works and to several series. “Impermanence” is a group that incorporates the iconic crucifix with anatomical attributions. “Impermanence” encompases the relationship of spirit with the corporal body.

The “Ex Votive Series” was initiated by a seminal dream that developed to include more than 20 pieces. It addresses religious rituals enacted by people in an effort to seek a healing or to give thanks for a successful one. It explores emotion and psychological drama. The practice of offering ex votos is a cultural and ritualistic tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years across the globe.