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LaGuardia Community College
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August 3rd - September 30th 2010


LaGuardia Community College is pleased to present the carved and painted wood sculptures of New York artist Irene Gennaro. A sculptor and carver whose art is created from an intense necessity and commitment, Gennaro’s sculptures are carved, constructed, leafed and painted with vivid color. Her technical expertise is coupled with a uniquely personal vision.

Employing the process of the early 20th century surrealists, Gennaro’s sculptures are rooted in mythological, spiritual and personal origins. Be they avian Spirit Messengers, ritualistic Ex-Votives, animal entities or Christian icons, Gennaro re-creates the visual encounters that are presented to her from the subconscious. LaGuardia’s large vitrines enable Gennaro’s sculptures to be exhibited in a manner similar to those seen in chapels across Europe where icons and ex-votos are displayed.

Gennaro’s signature imagery includes animal entities, organic systems, totemic figures, birds and recent Christian iconography.

“As a young adult my interest in Tibetan Buddhism allowed me to see my purpose as a sculptor. Documenting and sketching images as they arise is integral to my creative process as a sculptor. Images have appeared in dreams, during a drawing session or simply while relaxing. At times series have been suggested by a group of images.”

Having exhibited widely Gennaro’s solo exhibitions include; The Washington County Museum of Fine Art, MD, The Trenton City Museum, N.J., The Kentuck Museum, Al., 55 Mercer Gallery, N.Y.C., Edison College, Ft. Myers, Fl., Elgin College, Elgin, Il., R.I.S.D. Providence, R.I., Washington Square Windows, N.Y.U. and Broadway Windows, N.Y.U. Gennaro is a recipient of a fellowship from the National Academy Museum, NY.

Group exhibits include; 2011 "Intersections" Governors Island, The Sculptors Guild, Karen Wilkin curator. 2010, “The Exquisite Corpse,” Rutgers University, N.J., “Encounters,” The Sculptors Guild at Governors Island, N.Y.C. and “A Book About Death,” The Emily Harvey Foundation, N.Y.C.